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Fresh Ideas

If it's a first website to get your company online, or if you are ready to upgrade, Memory Magic can help you get the website you want at a price that you can afford...

Fantastic Web Packages

Click here to see what our web packages include. Every website is personalized and made-to-order with images, fonts and colors to your specifications.

Social Media Marketing

With over 500 Million users, Facebook and Social Media has a huge influence on all our lives, make sure your company stays on top of the trends!

Content Writing

Bright and original design is not enough. One of the key site components which will draw the attention of the visitor and make him interested...

First impressions are so important and your website needs to be functional and look fantastic!  

We can help you accomplish that goal at a fraction of the price.   Memory Magic will create a fabulous website for you that will get your name out there almost immediately.

But we don't stop there ... every website we create has basic SEO work done to it immediately, helping to guide you towards that goal of reaching the top in the search engine rankings.



After you get a web site set-up, the next step is making sure that it can do the job of driving new customers to look at, and then buy your products and services. Without extensive optimization, your new website will never be seen.

Find out about our specialized optimization packages that can help bring your website to top ranking with the major search engines.



Salon Beyond and Body Bar absolutely LOVE the Web Design you have done for us. I thank you so much for your creativity. WOW!!!

Namao Stables

Great job on the website. It's all good, thanks for your help. Looks GREAT!

Little Einsteins

Great job on the website. It's all good, thanks for your help. Looks GREAT!