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10 Steps for a High-Ranking Website:

As a business owner, it's pretty much a no-brainer that you will need to have a website. But it doesn't just stop there! After you get one set-up the next step is making sure that it can do the difficult job of driving new customers to look at, and then buy your products and services. That is what our "Edmonton Website Design" department is all about.

Getting your Website to the Top:

You need a fantastic looking website, that is clean and well-organized, but you also need to do some work if you want to boost your standings in the search engine results. It doesn't make much sense to have a website that rarely gets seen. Search Engine Optimization is all about hard work and PATIENCE. New domains can take an average of 9 to 12 months to show up in the Google ranks. This is called a Google aging delay and it can be very frustrating for new website owners. As most everyone knows, you can pay to boost those rankings, but there are also some free tips and tricks that you (or your web designer) can work to your advantage that can help your website succeed.

Easy Steps to Help Your Website Reach the Top:     (that you can do for free!)

Submit Your Site:

Search engines don't find your site by accident, submit your website design to as many engines as you can. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the main three engines that absolutely need to be included in your submission list. Click on the link below to enter your site now.


Fresh content:

Content is so important when it comes to websites.   Make sure that you've got included exactly what your customers will be looking for.   Put yourself into the shoes of potential customers and give them the information that you think they will be wanting.   Google loves fresh content so the more you update and add new information to your site, the better results you will get.


A very visible tool is the headings that you use across your website.  These are essential reading for the search engine robots and spiders.  Ensure that they are relevant and feature key words from your site.


Keywords need to be inserted into the code of your website. To help find the words that a customer might choose, Google has a search-based keyword tool that can help you. Even though Google doesn't take account of keywords now, many other search engines rely on them so it's important to include relevant ones.

Broken Links:

Find and fix any broken links. Search engine bots are stopped dead in their tracks by broken links because they think that it is the end of the line.  Webmasters and owners should take it upon themselves to actively check if there are any dead or broken hyperlinks regularly.


Does your site have a map? This file provides to the search engines a list of everything on your website. There are many sites found online that can generate a map for you. You will need to submit the completed sitemap to the search engines.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags are optional coding found on your website pages that provide information about the page.  These tags are hidden from view, but they provide a vital link for search engines.   It's your chance to quickly describe exactly what your website is about and each and every page should have an individual description.

Web-monitoring programs:

Web monitors are independent, not-for-profit projects that link to Google Directories.  Submit your site for an extra boost as well.   WWW.DMOZ.ORG

Back Links:

Links that go from other sites back to yours can be really helpful and give your website a leg up in the rankings. Get involved with online forums, discussion boards and directories and link back to your website with every post you make.


Use Google AdWords to reach customers at the very moment they're searching for the product or service that you offer. Even though this is a service that you usually pay for, you can get a free trial coupon online that will give you $50, $100 or $200 free advertising to test it out while you decide if you wish to invest in it.

More About Optimization:

Search engine optimization makes it possible to increase site visitors, increase leads and increase sales. It is important to remember that search engines don't just look at the current version of your website. They can also remember how it was in the past.

When you change your webpage, think about what signals that you might be sending out to the engines. A change might mean that the company was purchased, that this website is kept up-to-date and current, and it might just be leaving a signal for spam attacks as well as many more things. Everything that you do can create a ripple effect.

Optimization of your website can be a great tool when trying to raise your rankings. Optimize individual pages of your website for related but different keywords to show the engines that your website is relevant to a specific topic.

Optimizing different pages for different words enables your website to target different audiences. Search Engine Marketing is usually based on targeting the people that are actively typing in the keywords related to your product/service, thus grabbing them with their full attention. The more keywords you can target, the better!