"Building exceptional websites to help you stand out." Memory Magic creates web designs that are innovative, unique and affordable.

Services Overview

  • Web-Design & Development Every company needs an online presence to succeed in today's market, but the skills and time involved to get online can be over-whelming without training; and you are busy enough running your company! One of the first things people do when they are looking for a needed service is to check the internet. By having a quality professional website design, your company could be the one that they turn to! First impressions are so important so your website needs to look fantastic! We can help you accomplish that at a fraction of the price. We can create a fabulous website for you that will get your name out there almost immediately for much less money.
  • Search Engine Marketing You need a fantastic looking website, that is clean and well-organized, but you also need to do some work if you want to boost your standings in the search engine results. It doesn't make much sense to have a website that rarely gets seen. Search Engine Optimization is all about hard work and PATIENCE. New domains can take an average of 9 to 12 months to show up in the Google ranks. This is called a Google aging delay and it can be very frustrating for new website owners. As most everyone knows, you can pay to boost those rankings, but there are also some free tips and tricks that you (or your web designer) can work to your advantage that can help your website succeed.
  • Social Media Did you know that you can create custom pages for your company’s facebook page? Add a custom landing page and alternate information pages to jazz up your page and get your company noticed!!! It is basically a mini-website that sits on facebook. With over 500 Million users, Facebook and Social Media has a huge influence on all our lives, it is the wave of the future. A designer page will make you stand out from the crowd. Don't have a facebook page set up? Contact us today and we'll get you setup!

Content Writing

To enjoy complete success the presence of bright and original design is not enough.
One of the site components which will draw the attention of the visitor and make him interested is web site content. We offer content that helps to promote your products, increasing your traffic and popularity, and making your business stand out in the crowd.

Memory Magic Website Design - Edmonton wants to drive your price down as low as possible. Every website is personalized and made-to-order with images, fonts and colors to your specifications. You can choose which features you wish your website to have from some of our many samples and we will create something perfect for you and your company. Delivering quality websites at affordable prices!



Edmonton Website Design
A qualitative and effective site that brings in profit – it's our goal. We design corporate web-sites, small business sites, promo sites, personal pages and another projects, uniting not merely beauty and individuality, but also easy navigation of the site.

Memory Magic will help you create a website design and then give you the training to maintain it, or we can continue to look after it for you if you prefer. Contact us today to get your company online and open the door to amazing growth possibilities. Ask about our small business financing - we want to help you succeed!!