Here you can take a look at a range of different examples that might give you an idea on how you want your project to look when completed. Please remember that everything is fully customizable - You dream it and we will create it!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

DVD Slideshows & Memorial Presentations

1. What is a DVD slideshow?

2. How do I start?

3. How many pictures do I need?

4. What resolution should I scan my pictures to?

5. What if my pictures are old and in bad condition?

6. Will I get my pictures back?

7. Can I decide what order I want the pictures to be in?

8. Can I add titles or names to my pictures?

9. How may songs do I get?

10. Can I choose whatever songs I want?

11. What do you recommend we choose for style of music?

12. Can I send video clips to incorporate into my movie?

13. Can I add text or quotations to my movie?

14. Will you use transitions in my movie?

15. I don't live close to you, can you still help me?

16. How can I safely pay online?

17. Can I get extra copies made?

18. How long does this process take?

19. What if I have questions that you haven't answered?