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DVD Anniversary Slideshows

dvd anniversary slideshows custom DVD anniversary slideshows custom DVD Anniversary





Once upon a time ...   Creating a custom DVD Anniversary Slideshow for your parent’s or spouse's Wedding Anniversary will give them something they will treasure for years. Tell this great story with treasured pictures and then wrap it all up in a one-of-a-kind gift.  What a wonderful way to start off a special anniversary party! This DVD digital love story will take everyone who is watching back in time and let them follow along in the footsteps of love, watching these two lives unfold step by step.

Start with pictures of both of them growing up, meeting, falling in love, getting married, having children (and then grandchildren) all the while gracefully growing old together. Include the type of music they love the most, newspaper clippings or any other memorabilia from day’s gone past that they might have hidden away in boxes. Go hunting and find the treasured keepsakes that can be preserved and shared digitally with family and friends. Start a new family tradition by recording and showcasing your loved one’s lives, they will love you for it! This makes a great keepsake for the family attending the party as well, so be sure to order a few extra copies to share!   Everyone will want a copy!

MINI SHOW: This fast and easy gift includes pictures of just the two of you ... showing all of the different places and events that you have attended. It's a great way to showcase your time together, and express the joy you have in sharing the future.

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DVD Slideshows

Anniversary Gift

DVD Anniversary Slideshows make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Each package includes a quality plastic DVD case with color custom-designed insert with title and photos on the front and back as well as a matching label.