Samples of our Products     

Here you can take a look at a range of different examples that might give you an idea on how you want your project to look when completed. Please remember that everything is fully customizable - You dream it and we will create it!

Vacation DVD Slideshows

Memory Magic Mini-slideshows:

Keep those wonderful memories alive with a fabulous vacation mini-slideshow. We will take those great pictures (and videos) from your last holiday and convert them into a beautiful slideshow. Our short vacation package comes with a customized label, DVD and matching case, as well as your choice of a video file that you can upload to facebook or alternate device format for cell phones, mp3 players etc . Share your pictures quickly with family and friends in this musical and animated way!

vacation movie scrapbook sample Share that great vacation!   No matter when your vacation was, we can make it almost seem like you are revisiting it again today.  No more pulling out the photo albums when people come to visit!  Pop in that great little DVD slideshow and share the special times that you had!  Get extra copies made of the custom slideshow that you shared with family and friends or give to your travel companions to thank them for joining you on such a great trip!  Use your photographs to showcase your time spent on that wonderful cruise, diving experience, camping adventure, Las Vegas weekend or perfect all-inclusive resort.  What a great way to remember, preserve and share those fabulous memories! Create an exciting DVD movie slideshow that your family and friends will enjoy watching again and again!


DVD Slideshows

Custom DVD Slideshows make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Each package includes a quality plastic DVD case with color custom-designed insert with title and photos on the front and back as well as a matching label.