Here you can take a look at a range of different examples that might give you an idea on how you want your project to look when completed. Please remember that everything is fully customizable - You dream it and we will create it!

Valentine's Day Projects - DVD Slideshows

What are you getting them this year?   Oh-oh, Is it that time again? You will get bonus points for coming up with this romantic and thoughtful gift on your own!  We can create the perfect custom multimedia DVD slideshow for the love of your life. Relive all of the time that you’ve spent together; starting from those first shy moments, down through all of those special years.  Grab your favorite photos and include your special personal message telling her exactly what she means to you … In no time at all, you’ve got a winner that will make her heart melt and remember again how much she loves you.  There is no better way to express your love than holding her hand as you lead her down memory lane with this romantic DVD movie!

Every DVD movie slideshow or photo montage is an original and one-of-a-kind tribute that will tell someone exactly how much you love them. Preserve your precious memories and commemorate that special occasion. You’ll be so happy that you did.

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Did You Know

DVD Movie Slideshows make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Each package includes a quality plastic DVD case with color custom-designed insert with title and photos on the front and back as well as a matching label.