DVD Slideshow Samples by Memory Magic

Custom DVD Slideshows

Never again will memories be forgotten! Share and pass on your treasured photos in a new and exciting way. Easily viewed and stored, your treasured memories will be kept safe for years to come. What a great way to record your family history, special occasions and magical moments! Instead of passing your photographs around the room one at a time, everybody will be able to sit back and enjoy your fantastic DVD Slideshow together.

Send us your fondest memories and we will convert them digitally into a cherished DVD Slideshow that will last for years. When motion, titles and meaningful music are added to your photos and/or video clips, you draw your audience into the picture; recreating the time and the place of your special occasion for all to enjoy, almost like they were there too!

                  All music in this presentation has been purchased, licensed and used with permission.
                  All rights reserved.

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