Format Conversions

Replace your old VHS tapes before it's too late. Don't risk losing all of the cherished moments that you've got recorded on VHS. VHS players are quickly becoming obsolete, so ensure that you (and your future generations) will always be able to enjoy those favorite recorded moments.

You gain so many new possibilities when you scan your photo prints.  Not only will you be saving yourself a digital copy for "just in case," but you will also be able to improve the image, share it through e-mail, post it online, or make new and bigger prints!  Each photo will be scanned to a high resolution end product.  Photo restoration or touch-ups to photos are available upon request.

  • old vhs tapes Old VHS TapesGet rid of those bulky VHS tapes and protect your precious memories.
  • stack of dvd cases New DVD's and Cases: Light-weight and durable, the new DVD's will take up a much smaller space.
  • open photo album Photo Prints Save yourself a digital copy for "just in case".
  • front of cd picture Photo's on CDSlim and lightweight, you can put hundreds of photographs on each CD.


  • You pretty much have to face it ... those old VHS tapes that hold your precious family memories aren't going to last forever. 

    Even if your old VCR doesn't break down, or eventually jam and destroy the tape; a VHS recording uses very fragile magnetic tape that will degrade over time -- whether or not you watch it.  Most VCR tapes won't last longer than a few years.

    For this reason, more and more people are converting those VHS and Beta tapes to DVD format, successfully preserving those very favorite and precious memories. Each VHS movie conversion to DVD format will include a plastic protective case.

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