What pictures should I choose?

There are many different things to consider when choosing the photos you would like to use in the presentation.

Choosing these special pictures for a loved one who has passed away is often one of the hardest things the family has to do, but it can also be one of the most rewarding jobs when you realize that the finished product will be a beautiful presentation that will be cherished and passed down through the generations.

Poetry and Video:


Ask to see our extensive list of our favorite funeral poems, verses, sayings and quotes that celebrate life.

Gentle poems, quotations or expressions that meant something to your loved one or are especially endearing can add impact to your presentation.

Grief in any circumstance can be difficult to articulate. Through poetry we are able to express some of what we are feeling and share those thoughts with others in a beautiful way.



Video clips add so much to your presentation!

We recommend using short clips that show your loved one doing some type of every day activity, or even simply smiling and laughing. Quite often we will render them in slow motion to add even more impact.

Most of the effects in your slideshow will be done with still pictures. However, there are lots of introductions and backgrounds where we have added video. It gives the slideshow an extra boost and adds interest and beauty.


Memorial Presentations

Working Magic

Easy Steps:

and invite another family member or friend to help you decide on the photographs. It is often faster and much easier to have someone by your side as you go through them.

of their lives; childhood, teen years, dating, marriage, children, grandchildren, retirement. Variety is the key, so try to highlight as many of the milestones that you can. Choose a wide range of photos, from flattering studio shots to fun photo’s showing your loved one laughing or strong personality shots.

To personalize it even further, include gentle poems, quotations or expressions that meant something to your loved one or are especially endearing. We would be happy to help you find something appropriate.