Memorial Presentations and Funeral Tributes

When someone close to us dies, there follows a time of great sadness; with many preparations needing to be made to organize the funeral. We are sorry for your loss, and hope that we can be of assistance during this difficult time.

Raising the Ordinary to Extraordinary!

DVD Memorial Slideshows by Memory Magic go a step beyond. We know your loved ones deserve the very best and we are confident that you will find our Memorials exceptional and that your DVD Slideshow will become a treasured keepsake to be passed down through the generations.

A Celebration of Life!

Top Priority!

Funeral Presentations are our highest priority, and all efforts will be made to get your project completed immediately.

Be sure to contact the venue where the service is going to be held and find out if they have the necessary equipment to play your DVD. It will play on a regular DVD player or laptop/projector combination.

DVD Memorial Slideshows

Working Magic

No Time?

When a loved one passes away, it is a very difficult and busy time. We understand how many arrangements there are to make. For this reason, we also offer these quick and easy templates for people who need a beautiful slideshow at the very last moment. With several styles to choose from, there is something special for everyone; to help you honor and remember.


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